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September 20 th, 2018

Hi everybody! Well, here we are with a brand new webpage to celebrate our twenty-fifth year! Really hope you like it, hopefully it is easier to access. Thanks to Len for his artistry and talent putting it all together. Please let us know what you think of the changes at rwhsr@atlanticbb.net! We are wrapping up our best concert season so far, with a lot of new venues this Summer, and a lot of new friends! We played the Fayette Co. Fair, Rivers Edge KOA, Northmoreland Park Labor United,The Connellsville Geranium Festival along with our regular shows at Lions Square, Scottdale Gazebo, Tri-Town Homecoming, Saltlick Fair, Carmichaels Center, and others! We were honored to have as our guests at various shows Herb Humphries, Kyra Tabak End, Anna Jane Allen as well as world famous blues guitarist, Ernie Hawkins! What a Summer! But let's not forget next year! We are currently booking for 2019 and once again hope to entertain the worlds best fans! So watch this website for the next HRB concert or dance close to you and come say hello!! HRB

. If you would like to see High Ryder play at your favorite venue, put in a word for us!! THANKS !! HRB

Our new hats are here, and they feature the "Making Country Great Again" theme. We have them in white and blue. Come check 'em out!

You may ask yourself, ’’What sets the High Ryder band apart from other bands?’’ Well, we’re not pretty (obviously) and we’re not young (unfortunately). We don’t have screaming teenagers hanging on our every word. We don’t put on fancy stage shows. We’re not into pyrotechnics or laser shows. We don’t blast out eardrums with super-powerful electronic gear. What we do offer is music, resulting from a combined experience of more than 200 years.
If you haven’t seen the band lately you’re in for a big surprise. Everyone sings - which is rare in most bands these days. A new line-up of songs and the vast song lists guarantees that you will never hear the same show twice. Bassist and all-around musician Andy Hresko also sings classic country songs, and adds a great 3rd part to the harmony. Come out and see us soon.

, ""! Luv ya all!!HRB

The High Ryder Band

C/O Roy W. Hess Sr.
Box #10
Dawson, PA 15428

Booking Information:Now booking for 2018
724.529.7298 (Roy)


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