Hi Fans!

Wow! It seems like yesterday I was sending out introductory info on the newly-formed High Ryder Band, and here it is twenty-four years later, and we are preparing for perhaps our best tour season yet!

What great memories, and what great friends we have made with the band. We have had events in PA, Maryland, WVA, and Ohio, and I believe the best fans anywhere came out to hear the HRB.

We have some new and exciting plans for this year, beginning with this new website. I apologize for not getting things updated sooner, but we’re learnin’. Thanks to designer Len for his patience.

We will be starting 2019 out with the dancing crowd at the Cedarbrook Golf Club this Saturday night, January 12th, from 7:00 pm. The schedule is beginning to take shape nicely.

Want to congratulate our drummer Andrew and wife Sara on their new (and beautiful) baby girl. Also congratulate bassist Andy and Carol on becoming first-time grandparents!