Hi Everybody !

Hope the winter is not treating you badly!

High Ryder will kick off this tour season with the Pa Maple Festival at Meyersdale PA on March 30th from 12 till 3 pm. Things are really building for this, our twenty-fifth year of entertaining the best fans in Western  PA, maybe the best fans anywhere!

We will be back at Lions Square on June 30th, and Scottdale Gazebo in July. We will again be entertaining at the Connellsville Geranium Festival as well as the Saltlick Firemans Fair. ( A note about the Geranium Festival, come early, as the flowers sell quickly. There are also many vendors to visit and LOTS of good food !) If you would like to see HRB at your favorite venue, just give us a name! Come up the mountain and have a sweet time with us at the Maple Festival ! Take care.

Luv ya all !!   HRB