Andy Hresko Jr.

Andy, our bass player, who also sings, is from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. He is a well-known Country musician with over 30 years experience on stage. He has played with many Nashville singers and musicians. Andy started drums at age 6 and grew up playing many different instruments in his Mom’s band, The Anna Jane Band. Andy brings a wide variety of musical influences to the High Ryder Band.

Roy Hess

Roy is from Dawson, PA and formed the band in 1994. He has played in many local bands and has appeared on several Jamborees. His musical heroes include Merle Haggard and Chet Atkins. Roy plays lead guitar, bass, fiddle, and does lead and background vocals. Roy is also an accomplished songwriter having written the High Ryder originals “Railroad Town” and “ Austin City Blues” among others. Roy is truly happy and proud of the accomplishments of High Ryder

Andrew Hresko III

Andrew, our drummer, is the grandson of Country singer Anna Jane Allen, and grew up playing music and singing in the family band. He studied with his Grandfather Andy Hresko Sr. and with Mario Mosti of Jeannette. Andy continues to play drums and accordion with The Anna Jane Band, and also plays in his church praise band. Andrew is a college student in Business Management, and he is a welcome addition to the High Ryder Band.

Vernon “Bup” Everhart

Bup is a veteran of the music scene in southwestern PA. He is a founding member of the Fabulous Falcons and has played in numerous bands over the years. Known for his expertise on the Fender Telecaster guitar, he has earned the nickname of “ Mr. Telecaster.” Bup has an extensive musical library from which to draw and can play literally anything. He is also an Air Force veteran, an accomplished bass player and an exceptional vocalist. He has guested with the band many times over the past several years when his schedule allowed. He committed to the band in 2004 as a High Ryder and is a most welcomed addition.


Guest Musicians and Former Members


Jim Howell

Jim Howell was our long time Bass player and friend. We will miss his wry humor, and fine Country singing voice. Jim even while fighting diabetes and heart problems was always in a good mood, always wise cracking! We are leaving his picture with the band as in Jim’s mind he was a High Ryder forever.

Chuck Rhodes

Chuck is an original member of High Ryder who took some time off to enjoy retirement. Chuck is a local legend on the steel guitar and has been a featured musician with many bands.

Joe Stewart

Joe is a good singer and bass player who regularly plays with the family band, Flatwoods Fugitives. Joe lives in Vanderbilt PA and loves to play country music!

Slim Jones

One of country music’s top ballad singers, Slim was also an original member of the band, but retired due to health problems. Slim has performed on radio, TV, and recordings, and was a member of many country and blue grass bands including Mac Martin and the Dixie Travellers.

Tom Howell

Tommy (son of Jim Howell), decided to take time off from music after the death of his Father. Tommy is always welcome to join the band for a song or a set.

Hoj Fabian

Another former lead singer with an exceptional voice, Hoj has played in a number of local country bands.

Bob Acklin

Bob is our retired drummer from Dawson Rd. and made great contributions to The High Ryder Band for 14 years. He is welcome to sit in with the band anytime he would like

Ellis Stewart

Ellis (brother to Joe) is another member of the Flatwoods Fugitives and sometimes joins the band as an excellent lead singer.

Roger Rush Jr. 

Roger was our lead singer for a few years. He moved on to recording, raising three beautiful daughters and more solo career work!

Terry Hall

Terry was a member of the band when it was formed. He had to leave due to medical problems, but now plays with several area bands. ( And fills in with HR occasionly)